Firefly 15 is a bespoke handkerchief enterprise.

Firefly 15 is a one man operation and all hanks are handmade by one man. Elliot.

I am part of the Every Day Carry movement which see's people carrying everyday items and tools which help them get by. This can be anything from a pocket knife (within the UK law restrictions of course), to a good luck charm or trinket, and hanks. I started making hanks because it was too costly to ship them from the USA, with the postage often costing as much as the hank itself. (There are some seriously talented makers out there by the way. I'm not alone in this).I started off making by hand. Hand stitching. This wasn't ideal as to be honest, I knew little about sewing and wasn't very good at it. So I did some research and invested in a sewing machine. From there I made my first hank. Then I made a second. I posted a few pics on Instagram and people started asking if I was selling them, this is when I noticed a gap in the market for UK handmade tailor made hanks. And so, firefly 15 was born.

What is a hank you ask? Basically, its a handkerchief. It can be whatever you want it to be. It can be something that you blow your nose on, wipe a tear on, or just something to add a nice background to a picture. The possibilities are only restricted by your imagination.

I have an ever expanding range on the store, but I do occasionally make small batches of hanks that are available exclusively on my Instagram feed. The reason for this being that it would take too long to update the store for as little as one or two hanks. That said, I will be updating the store as and when new lines become available. And seen as though I cant stop thinking about what design to do next, it probably wont be long until there are more and more on there. That said, you should still go ahead and give me a follow over on Instagram. After all, that is where Firefly 15 was born. I am very active on there and update it daily, so come and say HI!

I also offer custom orders. So for example, you see a hank and you are not sure about the reverse side, maybe you want a different material. I can do that. Maybe you have a design or pattern in mind, get in touch and we can work out a hank to your unique specifications. 

That is it. That is me in a nutshell. Thanks for reading.