• Image of Dump Tray
  • Image of Dump Tray
  • Image of Dump Tray
  • Image of Dump Tray
  • Image of Dump Tray

These dump trays are a perfect little catch all tray for all your needs. Need somewhere to empty your pockets at the end of the day? Somewhere to store that lose change and car keys? This tray has you covered.

These have been designed from the ground up (though we're not reinventing the wheel here), and 3D printed in house. The base of each tray has a soft felt covering to help protect the surfaces you might put the tray on.

To keep with the Firefly 15 feel, we have adhered some Hank fabric to the inside. This both provides some protection for your goods, and also gives each tray a little personality.

As these are made completely in house, this is fully customisable. We will be offering trays ready to go, with the fabric already in place, or a blank tray*, in case you'd a different fabric, or rather something cleaner.

The important information, the size. These are designed as a smaller tray, which is unassuming and not overbearing.

External dimensions:
L 150mm
W 110mm
D 20mm
Internal dimensions:
L 127.5mm
W 93mm
D 16mm

*If ordering a blank tray, and you would like a fabric liner, please contact us after ordering to discuss customisable options.